Servicing the Automotive Manufacturing Sector for 17 Years

About Us

Who We Are

Based in Southern Ontario, JEC Distributors Inc. is an incorporated numbered company whos sales staff act technical advisors and sales agents to the Tier 1 automotive manufacturing industry across North America.

JEC Distributors Inc. holds a unique competitive advantage of having 6 direct OEM vendor codes with the major North American automotive manufacturers including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

What We Do

JEC Distributors Inc.’s main product line includes the Copperhead brand of Cap Changers, Tip Dressers, Sensors, Weld Gun Covers, Cutter Blades and Holders, and Force Gauges. JEC also represents ARO Welding Technologies in Southern Ontario and Upper New York State. JEC has also recently purchased ETS Engineering and now produces a full line of electrode management machinery. The company also distributes for Electricomn, Mountz, Parker, IFM Effector, Packers Kromer, Parker Hannifin, Recap, Rocon, Tessonics and Watteredge.

JEC Distributors Inc. also holds the North American Patent for its style of weld tip changer and magazine.