Tip Dressing

Published May 1, 2017

In resistance welding the copper electrode, cap or tip is in contact with the material being welded.   High current is passed through the weld gun causing the material being welded to become molten.  When the current is stopped, the weld gun remains closed long enough for the material to solidify and bond together.

Through this process the copper electrode, cap or tips as they are most commonly known, can become “mushroomed”.   When the cap face becomes larger something must be changed in the weld setup in order to maintain the required nugget size.

One of the best solutions is to dress the copper tips back to their original size and shape with a Copperhead brand Tip Dresser.

We can supply solutions for single station tip dressing, cutters and holders for any brand machine you currently have as well as special units that contain the tip dresser and patented automatic cap changer on a single stand.