New Product Information – Stamping Process

Published June 10, 2020

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce a new product offering targeting stamping process improvements.  Copperhead has developed a new sheet metal pallet loading system that is universal in design and allows for multiple sizes of cut sheet metal to be accommodated.  This new design also provides safety enhancements from current processes for plant personnel utilizing a foldable corner post application which also saving you storage space.   Other features include an increased rigidity of the pallet floor to maximize payload capacity, elimination of finger pinch points and elimination of repetitive heavy lifting.  This design incorporates the use of adjustable vertical octagonal stanchion posts that allow for one pallet to accommodate multiple metal configurations required using only one pallet design.  Make your process safer, more efficient (reduce time / space) and reduce your scrap costs by converting your process to our new design.

Please contact us for more information.