July 16, 2020

Temperature and flow monitoring system with integrated water drawback
Complete with all fittings, shutoff valves and hardware
Plug and play technology for the customer allowing for quick installation time with minimal integration effort
System available with integrated time delay to eliminate the need for external PLC control
Available in 250ml and 500ml.

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Water Retractor Actuator

November 14, 2017

Water Retract Actuator
Water Retract Actuator is a solution designed to prevent excessive water spillage during the routine tip change of a spot welding gun. Excessive water spillage within a weld cell environment presents a number of hazards including, electrical shock, slip hazard, equipment damage, and damage to the product that is being
manufactured. The Water Retract Actuator reduces the water pressure in the closed-off cooling circuit which
eliminates the problems of water being expelled under pressure during a tip change.

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Copperhead WBB Waterblock

November 3, 2017

Waterblock is an integrated manifold made from brass that supplies and monitors water to the weld cell. Utilizing a highly sensitive Vortex Flow Sensor to detect leakage or improper supply to the cell, the WBB will provide the essential protection for expensive welding equipment. The system includes both an integrated electronic shut-off along with an internal check valve to assure proper shutdown, should an event occur. System balance is maintained with the input flow restrictor, which allows repeatable setup. Welding control circuit is included into the package to allow cooling control from ONE location. Maintenance is simple due to the unique manifold design allowing removal of all major components without the need to remove the connections to the manifold. Assembled options are available on request.

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Rocon DeltaPoint Watersaver

October 13, 2017

Rocon Watersaver for Robotic Welders
Deltapoint® detects leaks from cap loss, hose burst or inadvertent shutoff. Monitoring robotic cells, pedestal welders or multiple work cells. Water is shut down to stop the leak and a signal is sent to the controller. The flow sensors have no moving parts to be affected by entrained contaminants. The only mechanical parts are the shut off and check valves.

 Stand alone package for installation ease
 Sensor has no moving parts to wear, break or cause nuisance tripping
 Visual flow indication reads in GPM or LPM
 Visual Temperature indication reads in degrees F or C
 User Programmable: Leak rate alarm, response time, restart delay, Flow OK level, temperature fault level and minimum flow monitoring.
 Bypass – Electrical & Mechanical
 Available Versions: AC, DC, DeviceNet, Ethernet and Profinet
 Available Range: 6 GPM (23 LPM), 12 GPM (45 LPM) and 50 GPM (190 LPM)
 Water/Glycol coolant up to 20% mix
 Alarms are digital or go from 0 to max voltage
 Female micro-connectors

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