CEC1 Electrode Tip Changer

July 9, 2020

CEC1H – Horizontal Electrode Tip Changer

Robust and compact design
Low-wear release system for the electrode taper
Quick-change docking system
M3 single cartridges for various cap designs that are 13, 16 and 19mm caps
Locking pin system to secure magazine
Electrode collection provided in horizontal orientation
Pneumatic, servo functionality or motor for controlled performance
Optional E-Box Controls

CEC1V – Vertical Electrode Tip Changer

Same gear box as the CEC1H
Vertical configuration available with the M2 Compact Magazine.
Electrode collection system includes 2500ml shatter proof clear container and hose for visual identification of cap volume . Guaranteed shatter proof or free replacement.
Light weight design for robot end effector mounting
Pnematic, servo functionality or motor for controlled performance
Optional E-Box controls

CEC1H – Horizontal Double Capacity Electrode Tip Changer

Same horizontal orientation as the CEC1H shown with magazine option M2x2
Expandable capacity providing a volume of 52 16mm electrode tips
Providing increased plant uptime
Multi-robot sharing capability

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Mechanical changer for robot or pedestal guns
May be configured in horizontal, vertical or robot position
Tip exchange in 15 to 25 seconds
Reduces adapter wear as a result of controlled gripping force
Magazines may be filled offline
Accommodates specialty caps and cap variation (i.e. 13mm, 16mm 19mm and combinations)

CMC3 utilizes a mechanical clamping system for the magazine
CMC4 utilizes Locking pins for magazine security (shown)

Copperhead Cap Changer Video · CMC Robot Mounted Video

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E4N Combination Dresser/Changer

October 13, 2017

Dressing unit with bayonet tool holder
Combined dressing / changing within 60 sec.
Linear balancer +/- 15 mm
Magazine for 13 pairs of F16 caps, available in compact design
Integrated chip extraction system with blow-off and suction
Rotation detection with speed monitoring, encapsulated in gear box
Twin Magazine for upper/lower electrode with quick release changeover
Built-in error proofing to ensure correct magazines are used.
Various motor voltages available
Available with servo functionality or motor for controlled performance
Optional E-Box Controls

E4N Cap Changing Video · E4N Cap Dressing Video

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