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Rocon DeltaPoint Watersaver

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Rocon Watersaver for Robotic Welders

Deltapoint® detects leaks from cap loss, hose burst or inadvertent shutoff. Monitoring robotic cells, pedestal welders or multiple work cells. Water is shut down to stop the leak and a signal is sent to the controller. The flow sensors have no moving parts to be affected by entrained contaminants. The only mechanical parts are the shut off and check valves.

  •  Stand alone package for installation ease
  •  Sensor has no moving parts to wear, break or cause nuisance tripping
  •  Visual flow indication reads in GPM or LPM
  •  Visual Temperature indication reads in degrees F or C
  •  User Programmable: Leak rate alarm, response time, restart delay, Flow OK level, temperature fault level and minimum flow monitoring.
  •  Bypass – Electrical & Mechanical
  •  Available Versions: AC, DC, DeviceNet, Ethernet and Profinet
  •  Available Range: 6 GPM (23 LPM), 12 GPM (45 LPM) and 50 GPM (190 LPM)
  •  Water/Glycol coolant up to 20% mix
  •  Alarms are digital or go from 0 to max voltage
  •  Female micro-connectors

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