KLM Racing at Delaware Demar Aggregates Inc. Truck Series

May 1, 2017

JEC Distributors is a proud sponsor of the KLM Racing Team and is thrilled to announce their involvement with the team for the 2017 racing season.
The KML Racing Team has been working hard all winter long preparing the race truck and getting ready for this exciting season ahead.
Building on the success we had last year with a win in a heat race and a feature win we are going after the Demar Aggregates Inc. Truck Series Championship.
Last year we started with a newly built truck and had some issues with overheating that kept the team busy for the first four races.
We then had a few incidents that involved losing the front end of the truck a few times which then sent the crew into over-drive to get the truck back together.
However, through all the trials and tribulations we worked hard and were competitive each race running in the lead or close to the front each race.
We are extremely excited about the upcoming season and want to invite you and your friends out to support and cheer us on.
KML Racing is located in Windsor, Ontario and three of us drive in to the Delaware Speedway for each race. Kevin, Brian and Terry usually ride together and Stephen Monkhouse drives from Mississauga and meets us there.  We work very hard to put a good show on each time the truck is on the track and we genuinely enjoy racing.
We sincerely would like to thank all of our fans and sponsors for all your support.
Enjoy the racing!
KML Racing Team
Delaware Speedway Details
Track Location: 1640 Gideon Drive, Delaware, ON, Canada N0L 1E0
P: 519.652.5068

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