JEC Swing Arms

July 16, 2020

JEC has the right Copperhead product to meet all your cap dressing needs.

The E2L Electrode Dressing System configured with the Swing Arm (SP6 or SE8) offers a wide variety of reshaping applications. The machines consist of a milling system, axial compensation, chip removal, electric, pneumatic or servo drives and optional electronic controls.  The dressing system is presented to the application by the Swing arm offering precise positioning to the application.  An optional balancing lift system is available to equalize the dressing unit between the electrodes.

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CHQA100 – Cap Alignment Tool

JEC has introduced a new product to help our customers meet higher quality standards.

Introducing the CHQA100!   The CHQA100 will simplify robot teaching and ensure correct normal to metal teaching to improve your weld quality and reliability. A must have for every robot programmer.

Reduce teach and validation time by half.

Eliminate weld expulsion due to not being normal to metal. Provide a safer method for robot technicians to validate teaching using the green light as a visual aid.

A simplified visual indicator that provides proper weld gun setup.  How it Works:  Improper gun alignment has no green light and will result in misaligned normal to metal teaching.  Proper gun alignment shows a green light signal on the CHQA100 and will result in correctly aligned normal to metal teaching.


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Industry 4.0 – CHQBOX-4.0

How do you manage your weld quality?  How do you track and contain lot control?  How do you document crucial information such as safety weld validation?

JEC has developed an industry first to supply you equipment that will produce superior weld quality with ultimate weld quality analysis and reporting.   Introducing the CHQBOX-4.0!

This new product offering meets Industry 4.0 standards and comes as a turnkey solution to you.

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Water Management Solutions

JEC has a complete line of Copperhead water management solutions to offer their customers.

The Copperhead Water Block offers water temperature monitoring, water flow monitoring and a water shut off valve all in one compact solution.  The Copperhead Water Retract Actuator works in conjunction with the Water Block to hold back water from escaping your closed loop system when the welding caps are removed during cap change.

For a turnkey solution, the Water Block and the Water Actuator come already mounted and connected on a back plate.  The system comes completely connected with shutoff valves for a quick simple installation.

JEC wants to supply and integrate these products individually or as a complete package for you.  We want to help you control your water to provide a safer work environment and extend the life of your equipment while saving you money.

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New Product Information – Stamping Process

June 10, 2020

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce a new product offering targeting stamping process improvements.  Copperhead has developed a new sheet metal pallet loading system that is universal in design and allows for multiple sizes of cut sheet metal to be accommodated.  This new design also provides safety enhancements from current processes for plant personnel utilizing a foldable corner post application which also saving you storage space.   Other features include an increased rigidity of the pallet floor to maximize payload capacity, elimination of finger pinch points and elimination of repetitive heavy lifting.  This design incorporates the use of adjustable vertical octagonal stanchion posts that allow for one pallet to accommodate multiple metal configurations required using only one pallet design.  Make your process safer, more efficient (reduce time / space) and reduce your scrap costs by converting your process to our new design.

Please contact us for more information.


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New Product Information – CEC1

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce a new product offering complementing our already award-winning existing product line.  Introducing the CEC1 (Copperhead Electric Changer), built in North America.  This is a powered cap changer that is offered in many various motor voltage variants as well as a pneumatic driver version.   The CEC1 is available in the vertical or horizontal mount orientation and is light enough to even mount on a robot end effector without affecting the payload.  The quick lock pin engagement system makes magazine assembly exchanging fast and easy.  Magazine assemblies are error proofed with an advanced poke yoke system that makes it impossible to load the wrong cap type magazine on the wrong changer.  The changer is available in a single or double magazine system which extends the number of caps held up to 52 caps.  This feature can increase your production run time as well as give you the option for having 2 different robots share one changer.

Please contact us for more information and to trial your demo unit today.

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COVID-19 Update

June 1, 2020

Dear Customer,

As companies around the world begin to restart their manufacturing facilities, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that we are here to help.

Did you know that we can make any cutter and holder assembly to match any supplier type that you are currently using? In most cases at a better competitive price with a longer lasting life span. If you are having delivery issues getting your spare parts or orders from areas of the world that are currently having major timing constraints relative to shipping, we can help. We stock commonly used cutters and holders for many various brands as well as manufacture custom cutters and holders are per your requirements. Please let your local sales representative know if we can help you in anyway including samples for you to validate.

Best regards,
The Family at JEC Distributors

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New Product Information – CMC3

May 29, 2020

Dear customers,

We would like to bring to your attention some exciting new product information. We are pleased to announce that our North American built mechanical cap changer has a new name, new look and enhanced performance features. Formerly known as the MKW308, the new name is now the CMC3 (Copperhead Mechanical Changer). The new look of the CMC3 is sure to stand out on your shop floor. This change coupled with some engineered part enhancements are sure to optimize your cap changing experience. Considering our customers with existing legacy equipment, all new changes have been engineered in a way to still be compatible and interchangeable with the previous versions of the MKW308. In addition to these base model changes, we have also created a new style enhanced magazine cartridge called the M1 model.

Please contact us for more information to trial your demo unit today!

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May 20, 2020

Dear valued customers,

We hope that you and your families have stayed safe and healthy during these worldwide unprecedented events. Our Teams at JEC and Copperhead are ready, willing and able to provide the service and support you are accustomed to and deserve. We have implemented our own internal COVID-19 procedures to protect not only ourselves but also our customers. We also recognize the fact that we must comply with any other special procedures that you have in place at your facilities and are prepared to comply.

We are pleased to announce that JEC has decided to increase and expand its current production / manufacturing capabilities in North America by moving other worldwide operations to join in existing facilities right here in North America. The remaining production of the COPPERHEAD line of products will be moved to North America, in addition to developing many new products that will be introduced throughout 2020.

Our decision making and inspiration for these new changes is solely focused on how we can better service our customers as the world has now changed. We look forward to servicing your manufacturing and production needs without interruption while providing expeditious product delivery, spare parts, training and service. Please contact your local sales representative to find out more.

Best regards,
The Family at JEC Distributors

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JEC Distributors Establishes Mexican Headquarters to Support Growing Expansion

May 7, 2019

JEC Auto Group de Mexico

JEC Distributors, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, has established JEC Auto Group de Mexico in Puebla to support the growing expansion of our customer base in response to the meeting their need.

JEC’s focus is based on customer support and “being there when they need us,” says President, Joe Ruggiero.

JEC distributors was recently ranked 125th by Growth 500, a definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Produced by Canada’s premier businesses and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth.

For 18 years JEC Distributors has been offering innovative solutions in joining products related to the automotive industry. JEC Distributors staff offer technical advice to the Automotive OEM and Tier 1 manufactures on a global scale. JEC Distributors has facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, India, China and Europe, focusing on electrode management in automotive spot welding, including their patented Copperhead brand of Cap Changers and cutter blades along with Tip Dressers and holders. JEC Distributors is also the exclusive sales and service agent for ARO Welding Technologies in North America and India.

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