JEC Distributors Ranks No. 125 on the 2018 Growth 500

September 19, 2018

Canadian Business unveils 30th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies
Toronto (September 13, 2018) Canadian Business and Maclean’s today ranked JEC Distributors number 125th on the 30th annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Produced by Canada’s premier businesses and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth. Growth 500 winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and online at and

“The companies on the 2018 Growth 500 are truly remarkable. Demonstrating foresight, innovation and smart management, their stories serve as a primer for how to build a successful entrepreneurial business today,” says Deborah Aarts, Growth 500 program manager. “As we celebrate 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that entrepreneurship is healthier than ever in this country.”

“JEC Distributors is honoured to be on the Growth 500 ranking,” says President Joe Ruggiero. “This achievement reflects the strength of our product and the dedication of our team, we have celebrated 18 years of growth in the automotive industry and expect to continue on a global trajectory to service our customers around the world.”
About the Growth 500
For 30 years, the Growth 500 has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five year revenue growth, the Growth 500—formerly known as the PROFIT 500—profiles the country’s most successful growing businesses. The Growth 500 is produced by Canadian Business. Winners are profiled in a special Growth 500 print issue of Canadian Business (packaged with the October issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at and For more information on the ranking, visit
Who We Are
For 18 years JEC Distributors has been offering innovative solutions in joining products related to the automotive industry. Based in Southern Ontario, JEC Distributors staff offer technical advice to the Automotive OEM and Tier 1 manufactures on a global scale. JEC Distributors has facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, India, China and Europe, focusing on electrode management in automotive spot welding, including their patented Copperhead brand of Cap Changers and cutter blades along with Tip Dressers and holders. JEC Distributors is also the exclusive sales and service agent for ARO Welding Technologies in North America and India.
Media contact
Bill Dodge, JEC Distributors, 289-259-9847,

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Copperhead Industrial Continues Successful Defence of its SPOT WELDING CAP CHANGER Technology

July 3, 2018

Copperhead Industrial, Inc. (“Copperhead”) continues to stack up victories as it asserts its patented SPOT WELDING CAP CHANGER technology in the North American marketplace.

On May 9th, 2018, the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board upheld the validity of the claims of U.S. Patent 9,393,639 (“the ’639 Patent”) for a SPOT WELDING CAP CHANGER. In November 2016, Changer & Dresser had filed a petition requesting an Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) of the main claims of the ‘639 Patent. IPRs are often called patent “death squads” because most patents do not survive the intense and highly technical fight. In its final written decision, the Board held that:
“…[the] Petitioner has not demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that claims 1, 17, and 35 of the ’639 patent are unpatentable on any ground asserted in the Petition.”
This is the second IPR challenge instituted by Changer & Dresser and successfully defended by Copperhead.

Joe Ruggiero, President of Copperhead and JEC Distributors explains that:
“This win is a testament to our innovation and a win for advanced manufacturing in North America. Our customers demand the latest cutting-edge technologies, to drive cost reduction and ensure the highest quality of the automotive products they manufacture. We will continue to aggressively enforce our intellectual property in the marketplace, to ensure that our innovations are protected.”
Copperhead has been enforcing this patent, and several other related patents, against Changer & Dresser and parent company Kyokutoh (in both the United States and Canada), and against G.E. Schmidt in Ohio. Of particular note are two recent procedural decisions, one in the Canadian Federal Court and one in the Ohio District Court, confirming that Copperhead is the legal owner of the patents at issue. Copperhead has also recently received a Notice of Allowance in another related patent.

More information about those ongoing lawsuits can be found by reviewing the relevant court files.1
About Copperhead
Copperhead Industrial is a leader in the manufacturing of innovation technological solutions for automotive welding. Copperhead has eight granted US and Canadian patents, and a number of related pending patent applications. Their technology has been successfully deployed in the sectors OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier plants throughout North America.

1 In Federal Court in Toronto, Canada: Court File Nos. T-1201-16, T-1817-16, T-1545-17 & T-405-18; in the United States District Court Southern District of Ohio, Western Division: Case No. 1:17-cv-609; and in the United States District Court Western District of New York: Case No. 1:15-cv-00020-WMS-LGF

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ARO joins forces with JEC to accelerate in India

April 25, 2018

ARO and JEC Distributors have signed an exclusive contract for the distribution of ARO products to the Indian market.
ARO Welding Technologies France, a world leader in resistance welding systems, has announced a strategic partnership with JEC Distributors (JEC), a service provider to the automotive industry and suppliers of the Copperhead range of welding products as ARO’s exclusive distribution partner for India effective from April 10, 2018.

Headquartered in Southern Ontario, Canada, JEC is an established distributor of welding products in other territories including Germany, China and India, supplying major OEM manufacturers and Tier suppliers. JEC’s Indian operation is principally located in Chakan, near Pune with facilities in Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. JEC will be responsible for the distribution and servicing of all ARO equipment to the automotive and other manufacturing sectors in India.

Jean-Yves David, President of ARO, said:

“India is a country with a strongly growing automotive manufacturing footprint. In order to comply with upcoming CO2 and crash regulations, car manufacturers are going to increasingly rely on advanced materials such as high strength steel, hot formed steel, and eventually aluminum. And that is precisely where ARO delivers superior and efficient welding solutions. JEC has a solid experience in resistance welding and quickly appeared as the best partner to support our customers across India. We already know JEC from a successful partnership in North America, and their approach of the Indian market is consistent with our customer’s needs.”

Nicolas Picq, Area Manager. ARO India:

“We are delighted JEC is representing ARO in India. ARO products are at the forefront of resistance welding and setting standards worldwide. We are excited about the emerging opportunities in the Indian market and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Jean-Yves David, President France (seated left) with Joe Ruggiero, President JEC.Back row left to right: Philippe Barray, Sales Director ARO France; Garry Siskos, CFO JEC;Nicolas Picq, Area Manager. ARO India; Martin Smith, JEC International development.
About JEC Distributors
Established in January 2000, JEC Distributors, headquartered in Southern Ontario, Canada, has been servicing the automotive manufacturing sector for 17 years, as a distributor of welding products, accessories, tools, and automation. With locations in Germany, China and India, the company supplies the major OEM manufacturers and Tier suppliers. JEC Distributors currently offers its own line of products under the Copperhead brand. The Copperhead lineup includes weld cap changers, tip dressers, a combination tip dresser/changer unit, tip dresser cutter blades and holders, weld gun covers, and force gauges.
About ARO
ARO is widely regarded as the world leader in resistance welding to the automotive industry. The ARO group is headquartered near Le Mans, in France, with regional offices in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. The company was founded in 1949 and today employs over 550 people. ARO is a member of the British engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc

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RSWA F1 Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer

May 5, 2017

RSWA is an ultrasonic device designed for quality control and NDE of resistance spot welds. RSWA is as a portable and simple-in-operation device capable of producing images of spot weld’s internal structures. In addition to live on-screen image, this device performs estimation of the nugget diameter and compares it with predefined minimum nugget requirements. Using the unique technology of multi-channel ultrasonic matrix transducer, RSWA collects data from the surface and from the internal structures of the nugget. Special algorithms use this data to reconstruct the image of the spot weld and estimate the average diameter of the nugget area in real time.
◾single-frame and continuous data acquisition modes
◾automatic and manual nugget size estimation
◾automatic detection of scanning depth inside the metal
◾built-in reporting system and file storage

◾Metal stacks: 2T and 3T; 0.6–2.4 mm plate thicknesses
◾Types of materials: mild steel, high strength steel, dual phase ultra high strength steel
◾Coatings: bare, zinc coating (galvanized, galvaneal), e-coating, paint


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KLM Racing at Delaware Demar Aggregates Inc. Truck Series

May 1, 2017

JEC Distributors is a proud sponsor of the KLM Racing Team and is thrilled to announce their involvement with the team for the 2017 racing season.
The KML Racing Team has been working hard all winter long preparing the race truck and getting ready for this exciting season ahead.
Building on the success we had last year with a win in a heat race and a feature win we are going after the Demar Aggregates Inc. Truck Series Championship.
Last year we started with a newly built truck and had some issues with overheating that kept the team busy for the first four races.
We then had a few incidents that involved losing the front end of the truck a few times which then sent the crew into over-drive to get the truck back together.
However, through all the trials and tribulations we worked hard and were competitive each race running in the lead or close to the front each race.
We are extremely excited about the upcoming season and want to invite you and your friends out to support and cheer us on.
KML Racing is located in Windsor, Ontario and three of us drive in to the Delaware Speedway for each race. Kevin, Brian and Terry usually ride together and Stephen Monkhouse drives from Mississauga and meets us there.  We work very hard to put a good show on each time the truck is on the track and we genuinely enjoy racing.
We sincerely would like to thank all of our fans and sponsors for all your support.
Enjoy the racing!
KML Racing Team
Delaware Speedway Details
Track Location: 1640 Gideon Drive, Delaware, ON, Canada N0L 1E0
P: 519.652.5068

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Water Saver/Tip Loss Monitor and Water Retract Actuator

All too often when changing welding electrodes the person removing the caps is immediately splashed with cooling water from the weld gun.

If this has happened to you, then you know this type of water is usually pretty nasty!  It could also be treated with expensive chemicals to inhibit corrosion and improve cooling so losing it on the floor is not the best solution.

Another scenario for water loss is in the case of a broken water hose, cracked adapters or electrode cap sticking to a part and being pulled off the weld gun when the robot retracts.

We can address both these situations with our line of Copperhead products, in this case our:

“Water Saver/Tip Loss Monitor and Water Retract Actuator”

For more information, check out our WaterSaver System.

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Tip Dressing

In resistance welding the copper electrode, cap or tip is in contact with the material being welded.   High current is passed through the weld gun causing the material being welded to become molten.  When the current is stopped, the weld gun remains closed long enough for the material to solidify and bond together.

Through this process the copper electrode, cap or tips as they are most commonly known, can become “mushroomed”.   When the cap face becomes larger something must be changed in the weld setup in order to maintain the required nugget size.

One of the best solutions is to dress the copper tips back to their original size and shape with a Copperhead brand Tip Dresser.

We can supply solutions for single station tip dressing, cutters and holders for any brand machine you currently have as well as special units that contain the tip dresser and patented automatic cap changer on a single stand.

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